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Straight Whitey Whiskey (feat. Miles Jai)

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Podcast - Bottoms Up! with Tré Melvin

Kingpin & Coke (feat. Jade Fox)


Up Next in Season 1

  • Straight Whitey Whiskey (feat. Miles ...

    Tré discusses gender identity, writing love letters to straight white boys, his 11th grade English teacher finding gay porn on his phone before turning it over to his mother, and more over a drink or five with YouTube personality Miles Jai.

  • Virgin Vending Machines (feat. Hartbeat)

    Tré discusses park sex, robbing churches, dealing with people who refuse to understand you, and more over a plastic cup of water with creator and music producer Hartbeat.

  • Sparkling Plan B (feat. Diamond White)

    Tré discusses plagiarizing essays, moon signs, life after high school, and more over a bottle of sparkling red grape juice with singer-songwriter and actress Diamond White.