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Virgin Vending Machines (feat. Hartbeat)

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Podcast - Bottoms Up! with Tré Melvin

Straight Whitey Whiskey (feat. Miles Jai)


Up Next in Season 1

  • Virgin Vending Machines (feat. Hartbeat)

    Tré discusses park sex, robbing churches, dealing with people who refuse to understand you, and more over a plastic cup of water with creator and music producer Hartbeat.

  • Sparkling Plan B (feat. Diamond White)

    Tré discusses plagiarizing essays, moon signs, life after high school, and more over a bottle of sparkling red grape juice with singer-songwriter and actress Diamond White.

  • Baldheaded Bacardi (feat. LaLa Milan)

    Tré discusses making sex tapes, going on tour, running into exes, and their new bald-headed girlfriends. They cover living your truth and more over an alcoholic popsicle or five with comedienne and internet sensation LaLa Milan (formerly LaLaSizaHands).