Drea & Michellé

Drea & Michellé

5 Episodes

You know what they say - sharing is caring. After Michellé Johnson (Hartbeat) walks in on her boyfriend hooking up with her best friend, Watermelondrea Jones (Tré Melvin), their worlds are sent spiraling into a warped murder plot that guarantees to change the course of their lives.

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Drea & Michellé
  • I Can Explain

    Episode 1

    Watermelondrea attempts to explain herself after Michellé catches her fooling around with Kendrick.

  • It Was Watermelondrea Jones

    Episode 2

    Drea and Michellé carelessly dispose of Kendrick's body in a neighborhood pool.

  • Dispatch to 401

    Episode 3

    After the police show up at her doorstep, Michellé exposes her involvement with Kendrick's death.

  • No Habla

    Episode 4

    Drea and Michellé are escorted to the police station for questioning.

  • Jerome Must Die

    Episode 5

    A week before the incident, Michellé confronts Drea about her fiancé.