pls, disinfect: The Visual EP

pls, disinfect: The Visual EP

5 Episodes

As COVID-19 regulations are lifted across the country, American citizens readjust to life post-quarantine. From returning to the office following months of working from home to partying in the hills without social distancing, each track of the comedic extended play “pls, disinfect” is accompanied by a visual episode. The musical series lends a witty reminder that as restrictions are rolled back across the nation, the pandemic is far from over.

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pls, disinfect: The Visual EP
  • Is It Crack You Smoke?

    Episode 1

    As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, Tré questions society's determination to return to life as was.

  • Talk To The Elbow

    Episode 2

    Tré readapts to life back in the office.

  • Arm Brace (ft. TeaMarrr)

    Episode 3

    While grocery shopping for the first time since lockdown, Tré meets a charming stranger.

  • 3-Feet

    Episode 4

    Tré attends his first house party post-quarantine.

  • Pls, Disinfect

    Episode 5

    In the series finale, COVID-19, also known as Lil’ Miss Rona, prepares to crash the house party.