The Vacation

The Vacation

6 Episodes

While vacationing in the remote woods of Northern California during Black History Month, Watermelondrea and her family (mother, father, grandmother, brother Kiwiontae, sisters Grapeangelashandra and Orangeree, and soon to be brother-in-law Bone Marrow) become the target of a mysterious killer. The Vacation is a horror comedy viewer-interactive series; in which you have the power to choose the fate of each character.

Hope you know your history.

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The Vacation
  • The Living Room

    Episode 1

    Watermelondrea and her family are the targets of a killer while on vacation.

  • The Kitchen

    Episode 2

    The killer follows Watermelondrea's family, singling out two members in the kitchen.

  • The Bedroom

    Episode 3

    The killer singles out one of the family members in the bedroom.

  • The Laundry Room

    Episode 4

    The killer singles out two more members in the Laundry Room.

  • The Bathroom

    Episode 5

    The killer finds two more members in the bathroom.

  • The Garage

    Episode 6

    Watermelondrea is caught by the killer in the garage.